We work with high-quality institutions seeking to make direct-investments in middle market companies, or divisions of public companies, with strong management teams, and in projects organized by financially strong business sponsors and overseen by top managerial talent.  Investments are usually identified, researched and qualified as proprietary opportunities prior to the start of either a capitalization, or a divestiture process and are transacted on a confidential, exclusive basis. We organize and align capital to build significant value through our industry knowledge, operational insight, investment and financing experience and long-standing industry relationships.

We partner with industrial companies, management teams and project sponsors in the following three industry sectors:

  • Aerospace, Defense & Government Services
  • Information & Communications Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Processes

We seek to provide tailored, integrated financing that supports business operations to achieve improved, sustained equity returns. We advise and support business operations through active post-closing monitoring and oversight, involving frequent and open dialogue with the management teams of our partner companies.

As a merchant bank, we conduct our transactions in a very confidential manner. Our approach is designed to minimize any disruption of the businesses in which we invest, to reduce the distraction of the management personnel of those businesses, and to avoid raising unnecessary concerns among employees and customers.